Background Photo by John Rae

Today, for the first time since World War II, there are more than 50 million refugees in the world. Yet Lutherans are not discouraged: we continue to meet conflict, war, and persecution with God's love.

Whether the people in your congregation are new to assisting refugees, have a history of newcomer ministry, or are newcomers themselves, you can observe Refugee Sunday and create a meaningful experience with LIRS’s Refugee Sunday worship materials, Out of the Waters Bible Study, and Rebuilding Hope newsletter.


LIRS invites your congregation, your school, and your community to join us in celebrating the power of God's love to transform the lives of those fleeing horrifying danger. By setting aside one Sunday this year to consider the courageous and often perilous journey made by millions of refugees, we can prepare our hearts to welcome each newcomer in Christ's name and support their new life in America.


LIRS invites you to walk alongside migrants and refugees on a courageous journey to rebuild their lives in this land of freedom. Through giving to LIRS, you can make sure migrant children have shoes, are able to have check-ups at a doctor, and get connected to their family here in the United States. You can help a refugee father resettling here find a job and learn English, ensuring that his children have a better future. Consider giving below.